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Russia Vows 'Unnoticeable' Security During Sochi Olympics

15:45 02.10.2013 (Last updated 15:47 02.10.2013)

Olympic Games 2014
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MOSCOW, October 2 (R-Sport) - Russia is promising that the security operation at the Sochi Olympics will be "unnoticeable" and in no way hinder the enjoyment of the Winter Games for its visitors.

Russia faces a huge challenge in providing a safe Games because Sochi is located near the country's volatile North Caucasus region, the base for an Islamist insurgency that has claimed responsibility for several terrorist attacks in recent years.

But even so, Russia's top security agency is vowing a smooth and slick screening process that will take nothing away from the Games experience at the February 7-23 event.

"Our security measures will be unnoticeable and in no way will inhibit the movements of Olympic guests," said Alexei Lavrishchev, the head of a Federal Security Service department who deals with Sochi safety issues.

He also claimed the measures would pale in comparison with the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

"If you remember London, on the roofs of houses there were snipers and rocket complexes, despite the protests of the locals. ... There were also military personnel on the streets, but we will not have this," he said.

"There were reports that even in toilet cubicles there were CCTV cameras. We are not taking such security measures."

Russian authorities are putting several areas in and around Sochi on lockdown from January 7 until March 21 as they look to minimize the opportunity for disruption at the country's first-ever Winter Olympics.

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