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Hockey Team Trains Despite Meteor Shower

12:24 15.02.2013 (Last updated 12:25 15.02.2013)

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CHELYABINSK, Russia, February 15 (R-Sport) - Russian hockey team Traktor Chelyabinsk went ahead with training on Friday despite a meteorite shower that injured more than 150 people.

Dozens of people suffered cuts from broken glass as the meteorites smashed windows in numerous buildings across the Chelyabinsk Region early Friday morning, but no-one suffered serious injuries, the Interior Ministry said.

"The meteorites fell just before training started," said Ravil Gusmanov, one of the KHL team's coaches, in comments to R-Sport.

"There was a loud bang and a bright spark in the sky. Thank God, there is no destruction to be building, the windows are intact."

The team's home arena, the 7,500-capacity Traktor Sports Palace, appeared untouched by the meteorites, Gusmanov said.

"As regards the arena, it seems all's well there. We had our training session at least."

The meteorite shower hit three regions of Russia and parts of Kazakhstan, Russian state officials said.

The police are searching for the fallen meteorite pieces and protecting affected buildings from looting.

Reports are inconclusive about whether the storm was caused by was one large meteorite, or several smaller ones.

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