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Russian Footballer Fired Over Alleged Drunken Rampage

16:24 29.10.2013 (Last updated 17:02 31.10.2013)

Football National League | Rotor | Anton Arkhipov
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MOSCOW, October 29 (R-Sport) - A Russian footballer has been fired after what his club branded a drunken “rampage,” allegedly including vandalism and attacking a coach.

Second-tier Rotor Volgograd confirmed Tuesday they had released Anton Arkhipov, a striker who has played top-flight Russian football for three different teams, over the alleged incident during a trip to an away game in the city of Khabarovsk.

“Arkhipov, who was not in a sober state, went on the rampage,” Rotor said in a website statement. “He swore at members of the coaching staff, broke a plate-glass window at a hotel entrance with a punch.”

“When the team arrived at the airport in the city of Khabarovsk, Arkhipov continued to behave aggressively in the bus. After that, when a comment was made to him by a coach of the team, Arkhipov responded by kicking him.”

Rotor said Arkhipov had been given a second chance but instead the player “turned up at the club while not in a sober state, behaved aggressively, denied he was intoxicated and refused to give an explanation.”

This all amounted to “a gross violation of his work obligations” and justification for Arkhipov’s firing, the club said.

Arkhipov’s departure piles more problems on an already troubled season for Rotor, who are stuck in the relegation zone. The club is best known for its UEFA Cup exploits in the mid-1990s, including knocking out Manchester United over two legs in 1995.

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